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APO-Decide - Using systems medicine to deliver personalised medicine for colorectal cancer.

The APO-DECIDE Concept

Using Systems Medicine to Deliver Personalised Medicine for Colorectal Cancer

The APO-DECIDE consortium will tackle the problem of chemotherapy resistance in colorectal cancer. By analyzing protein levels and DNA mutations in individual tumours, and by incorporating these biological data into a complex modeling environment that recapitulates how these entities interact, APO-DECIDE will develop novel diagnostic tools that predict which patients will likely benefit from chemotherapy. It is a hope that these clinical decision-making tools will enable doctors to develop personalized therapies for patients to ensure the best outcomes while potentially avoiding unnecessary chemotherapy and side effects. These new prediction tools may also be used in clinical trials to develop new drugs to treat bowel cancer, enabling ‘smart’ clinical trials design in the future. Commercialization of the project results will be facilitated by OncoMark Ltd. and Optimata Ltd.

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